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The quest for weight loss supplements is never ending. There are numerous weight loss supplements in the market today, but nobody can exactly determine which brands or formulation is the most effective of all. Nonetheless, supplements made from all natural ingredients seem to have an edge over artificially formulated ones. Side effects are generally lesser compared to those made with chemical formulation. One popular supplement in the market today is garcinia cambogia. Find out why this product seems to take the market by storm.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia cambogia is a plant with pumpkin shaped fruit and is native to Indonesia. It is a sub-tropical species commonly known as Gambooge, Malabar tamarind (in westerns parts of South India), Uppage Huli, Brindle berry and kodumpuli.

The pumpkin shaped fruit is about the size of an orange and can grow as big as the size of a grapefruit. The fruit is commonly known as Assam fruit. It has a characteristic sour flavor. Assam is mainly used in cooking and food preparation such as curry making due to its sour flavor. It is also used in fish curing because the fruit is also believed to have anti-bacterial properties as well. Most countries that use garcinia cambogia are located in Southeast Asia such as Burma, Thailand, India and Malaysia.


Garcinia Cambogia Extract

All parts of the gambooge plant seem to have its uses and benefits. For instance, the fruits are used in cooking and food preparations. The rinds are processed to create condiments. However, the garcinia cambogia extract seems to have the most use of all. The garcinia cambogia extract is used in traditional medicine as a laxative. It is also used in treating parasitic infections and even severe diarrhea (dysentery).

Nonetheless, the plant extract became popular in the Western world because of its weight loss effect. Due to this discovery, the garcinia cambogia extract is commonly added as a key ingredient in herbal weight loss products, energy products and appetite suppressants.


Garcinia Cabogia for Weight Loss


Start Losing Fat Today...Order NOW!!

Two main reasons for the success of garcinia cambogia for weight loss are its appetite suppressant property and its fat burning ability. The extract contains hydroxycitric acid, an active ingredient that prevents fat cells from forming. Hydroxycitric acid acts on the liver by converting extra sugar to glycogen. Normally, extra sugar is stored as fat cells and is only converted to glycogen when we need extra energy to fuel the body. Due to this mechanism, the body is supplied with more energy while lessening fat cells at the same time. That is why some weight loss supplements containing G.C. claims that their product can also produce a flatter stomach and well toned muscles.
The second reason for its effectiveness in weight loss is its appetite suppressing property. Since hydroxycitric acid directly converts sugar into glycogen, the body seldom feels the need for sweet tooth cravings. One reason for sweet and carb cravings is because the body feels the need for an instant energy boost. A secondary effect of taking G.C. supplement is cholesterol regulation. Because of the lowering in fat cells, bad cholesterol level is also decreased.

Garcinia cambogia for weight loss is even more effective when combined with chromium picolinate. The latter is believed to have an effect on insulin production. It seems to have an effect in fat and glucose breakdown although these are only theories and scientific evidence is not enough to support such theories. In one major clinical study, chromium picolinate has been found to have positive effects in diabetes among Chinese people. However, this benefit is not applicable to Americans since obesity risk factor differs between the two ethnic groups.


Garcinia Cambogia Benefits

Garcinia cambogia benefits outweigh the cons of taking the product. There are several garcinia cambogia benefits and most of them are related to obesity control and weight loss. One benefit is its ability to increase serotonin levels naturally. Serotonin affects our food cravings and mood. High serotonin levels can curb your appetite as well as helping to create a cheerful disposition. Serotonin is mainly found in foods rich in carbohydrates and sugar. Since serotonin gives us the feeling of a natural high, it is very easy to binge on sugar-rich foods and carbohydrates. However, with taking G. C.  supplements, you do not need to binge on food to increase your serotonin levels. Aside from appetite suppression, serotonin also helps regulate the sleep and wakefulness cycle or the circadian rhythm.
The second benefit derived from G. C.  is its fat burning ability. The hydroxycitric acid gives out a sour flavor that, according to Ayurvedic medicine, can give a feeling of fullness and satiety. During physical activities, hydroxycitric acid prioritizes the consumption of fat cells over glucose to be converted into energy. Therefore, the significant effect of G. C.  in lipolysis is maximized during regular exercise. People on a strict weight loss diet need not worry about losing large amounts of muscle mass because the supplement minimizes protein loss while dieting.

Other significant G. C.  benefits include regulation of insulin production and utilization, regulation of blood sugar levels, aid in glycogen storage in the liver, and delayed absorption of glucose in the intestines.


Where to Buy Garcinia Cambogia


These supplements come in many forms but the most common is in pill form. If you are wondering where to buy garcinia cambogia, look no further.

When buying G. C.  supplements, make sure that it contains at least 50% of the active ingredient, hydroxycitric acid, in order to obtain the most profound results in losing weight. It is recommended that you take 500 mg at least 30 minutes before each meal in order for the appetite suppression to take effect. Of course, the dosage depends on a person’s age and base weight of a person. Overweight and obese patients may need to take higher dosages between 1,500 mg and 3,000 mg per day.
Do not exceed the maximum recommended dosage of 3,000 mg per day. Taking more than the recommended dosage may have harmful effects to the body. Avoid taking the supplements if you are pregnant, suspected to be pregnant or lactating.

When out looking for an effective weight loss product, get Garcinia Cambogia Plus. It will not leave you feeling groggy, tired or irritated because it is all natural. What makes this supplement even more ironic is you need to take some amount of carbohydrates with each meal in order for the supplement to take effect. Effectiveness levels may differ from one person to another. Nevertheless, the maximum potential of this supplement can be achieved if paired with regular exercise and regulated diet.